Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year to All our Dear Friends and Family!
It was a wonderful Christmas break in San Antonio Texas!  Highlights included:
1. Eating at my favorite, Ruth's Chris, for my mother's very special 50th bday celebration.
2.  Secret Santa shopping at La Cantera outdoor mall with my family that day and then having an awesome Christmas Eve opening our gifts to each other that night.
3. Watching my Dad read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to all his grandkids like he always did with us.
4.  Christmas Morning!  Watching everyone open their "loot" and getting some fabulous, awesome Nerf Guns which we enjoyed in EPIC family battles over the days.  Also got a family dart board and it was HOURS of entertainment and tournaments for us.  Highly recommend that one!
5.  Eating at Rudy's bbque...the BEST.  George Straight lives very near here in The Dominion and this is his fav.
6.  Being with my sisters...no words.  Just love them with all my heart.
7. Seeing the new film out The Hobbit which I thought ROCKED...but I'm a literary nerd and have read it and them all.  Loved it.
8.  Celebrating my Dad's bday at home with a TX homemade meal of fried shrimp and steamed crab legs...no words. Divine.
9.  Eating tortillas at Alamo Cafe..a tradition and one of my old "haunts" from high school.  They are the best.

Love to you all and hope you had a most wonderful holiday and New Year!!
The Steuers

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