Wednesday, April 10, 2013

March Update!

Hello Family and Friends!
March just flew by but here are a few photos of the kids at Eastertime mainly and a couple of others..they are growing up so fast!
We enjoyed a productive month in moving towards our finishing date of residency!
Although we had found a home in Maine to rent the last month and post update..some things changed in March that have altered our plans somewhat.  A practice suddenly went for sale which we are now going to be purchasing and so Matt will now have a practice and patient pool to walk right into and start work.  But this location is about a half and hour from Portland and an hour from the house we would currently this won't work!  We are now trying to get out of this contract and find a home closer to Portland.
We are also going to be purchasing a building in Portland and building a practice there as well so Matt will be working at two locations during his work weeks.  One office mainly for cosmetic oral and maxillofacial surgery and the other mainly the DENTAL aspect of the field (implants and so on).
So things are in the works but it is all very promising and exciting!
We hope you are all happy and well!
Susanna and Family

 March 30, 2013  Jacob with his Easter treats.
 March 30, 2013  Robby on Easter morning.
 March 30, 2013 Maddie with her Easter basket.
 April 4, 2013  Jacob and Maddie at his kindergarten open house.
April 4, 2013  Jacob with his likeness drawing just above him on the wall in his classroom.
 March 2013  Robby making his "silly face" in our Belmont, MA nursery.

 March 2013  Matt accidentally hit Maddie with a weight while working out at the lake house..poor little thing!  She is fine now!

 March 2013  Jacob and Maddie at our ward Easter activity.
 March 30, 2013  The kids decorating eggs with Matt for Easter.
 April 7, 2013  Jacob and Robby during Conference.
April 10, 2013  Robby being a little cutie in the car while we waited for Jacob to be done with school.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Excited! Starting DoTerra!

     EXCITED!!!! We just signed up with a company called DoTerra! (meaning "from the earth" in Portuguese) They provide so many amazing products for everyday health from your basic vitamins, to energy/metabolism boosters, essential scents and oils for your health and home favorite since it is a passion of mine...a SKIN CARE line. 
I am in the process of testing and loving their products and so if it's ok with ya'll :) will be posting my input on each of their products that I use and how I feel they are working since it is a goal to become as knowledgable on their products and skincare in particular and as I possibly can. 
I am already loving DoTerra's facial cleanser, skin firming serum and scrub better than the ones I WAS using...and that's saying a LOT because I'm very fussy about skin stuff :)
At any point let me know if you would like to try products or have an interest. I LOVE THIS STUFF :)!!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

February 2013

February was a very snowy month this year and we are all too anxious for the warmer days of spring!  The biggest blizzard since the 1970's hit the East Coast and Matt had the terrible task of shoveling all the snow from our driveway into a VERY large pile as is shown in the photo!
    Other highlights included the kids getting to make Valentines for their friends at school which the thoroughly enjoyed and a visit from Bob and Margaret Steuer to Boston which was wonderful!
    Also, we signed a contract on the home in Maine in January's blog post but it now looks like some new business opportunities are forming for Matt and his brother and the home will be too far south.  So we are looking again to find something closer to Portland and to where Matt's practice will be.  I will write more on this when these plans are finalized next month but there are some exciting things for him in the making!
    We hope you are all happy and well,
Susanna, Matt and Kids
 February 2013  Kids making their school Valentines.
 February 2013  Matt's shoveled pile of snow after our big blizzard.
 February 2013  View of our house in the back after the blizzard snows.
 2/14 Matt shoveling snow from our driveway.  This was the biggest blizzard since the 1970's.
 February 2013  Robby being silly in his high chair and sporting his latest eye injury.
 February 2013  Madeleine playing in the upstairs of our Belmont, MA house.
February 2013  Robby's baby "Harry Potter" scar he got on his forehead from falling. 
 February 2013  Robby in his nursery.
 February 2013  Driving up to Maine with the kids Steuer grandparents.
 February 2013  Margaret with Madeleine in our Belmont, MA home.
 February 2013  Bob and Margaret watching Tangled with the kids.
 February 2013  Bob Steuer with Jacob and Robby in our Belmont, MA home.

 February 2013  Maddie with her school art work.
February 2013  Robby asleep in his high chair.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

January Update

News for January!
    After returning from a fabulous trip to TX we found ourselves back in cold, snowy Boston and also back to real life!  School, lessons and getting focused on our goals for finishing this summer.
We are happy to say that we did find a house in Maine and are so grateful as it really was quite remarkable how we found it.  The builder had been waiting for a family he felt he wanted to have it and I guess we fit the mold because we got it!
We will be moving in May and June of this year to our new home and a new life.
And yes, we are thrilled beyond words to be nearly done with residency!!
The Steuer Family
Our kids with their Steuer cousins in Maine.
Robby's first Sunday in Nursery.
Kiddos hanging out in our Belmont apartment.
Jacob with a school art project.
Kids with the sister missionaries in our Belmont MA home.
Me with my dear girlfriends at Border Cafe in Harvard Sq.
Maddie all ready for "Pajama Day" at her preK.
The front of our new home in Maine.
The kitchen of our new home in Maine.

Robby sporting a "gangster" look.
Maddie with her PreK Wellington class for "Pajama Day".

My chocolate calendar to the end of residency.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year to All our Dear Friends and Family!
It was a wonderful Christmas break in San Antonio Texas!  Highlights included:
1. Eating at my favorite, Ruth's Chris, for my mother's very special 50th bday celebration.
2.  Secret Santa shopping at La Cantera outdoor mall with my family that day and then having an awesome Christmas Eve opening our gifts to each other that night.
3. Watching my Dad read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to all his grandkids like he always did with us.
4.  Christmas Morning!  Watching everyone open their "loot" and getting some fabulous, awesome Nerf Guns which we enjoyed in EPIC family battles over the days.  Also got a family dart board and it was HOURS of entertainment and tournaments for us.  Highly recommend that one!
5.  Eating at Rudy's bbque...the BEST.  George Straight lives very near here in The Dominion and this is his fav.
6.  Being with my words.  Just love them with all my heart.
7. Seeing the new film out The Hobbit which I thought ROCKED...but I'm a literary nerd and have read it and them all.  Loved it.
8.  Celebrating my Dad's bday at home with a TX homemade meal of fried shrimp and steamed crab words. Divine.
9.  Eating tortillas at Alamo Cafe..a tradition and one of my old "haunts" from high school.  They are the best.

Love to you all and hope you had a most wonderful holiday and New Year!!
The Steuers