Thursday, February 7, 2013

January Update

News for January!
    After returning from a fabulous trip to TX we found ourselves back in cold, snowy Boston and also back to real life!  School, lessons and getting focused on our goals for finishing this summer.
We are happy to say that we did find a house in Maine and are so grateful as it really was quite remarkable how we found it.  The builder had been waiting for a family he felt he wanted to have it and I guess we fit the mold because we got it!
We will be moving in May and June of this year to our new home and a new life.
And yes, we are thrilled beyond words to be nearly done with residency!!
The Steuer Family

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Rebecca said...

I love your chocolate calendar until residency ends! Your new home in Maine looks BEAUTIFUL! Good luck and congratulations making it through this part of your life!