Friday, March 15, 2013

 February 2013  Kids making their school Valentines.
 February 2013  Matt's shoveled pile of snow after our big blizzard.
 February 2013  View of our house in the back after the blizzard snows.
 2/14 Matt shoveling snow from our driveway.  This was the biggest blizzard since the 1970's.
 February 2013  Robby being silly in his high chair and sporting his latest eye injury.
 February 2013  Madeleine playing in the upstairs of our Belmont, MA house.
February 2013  Robby's baby "Harry Potter" scar he got on his forehead from falling. 
 February 2013  Robby in his nursery.
 February 2013  Driving up to Maine with the kids Steuer grandparents.
 February 2013  Margaret with Madeleine in our Belmont, MA home.
 February 2013  Bob and Margaret watching Tangled with the kids.
 February 2013  Bob Steuer with Jacob and Robby in our Belmont, MA home.

 February 2013  Maddie with her school art work.
February 2013  Robby asleep in his high chair.

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