Wednesday, April 10, 2013

March Update!

Hello Family and Friends!
March just flew by but here are a few photos of the kids at Eastertime mainly and a couple of others..they are growing up so fast!
We enjoyed a productive month in moving towards our finishing date of residency!
Although we had found a home in Maine to rent the last month and post update..some things changed in March that have altered our plans somewhat.  A practice suddenly went for sale which we are now going to be purchasing and so Matt will now have a practice and patient pool to walk right into and start work.  But this location is about a half and hour from Portland and an hour from the house we would currently this won't work!  We are now trying to get out of this contract and find a home closer to Portland.
We are also going to be purchasing a building in Portland and building a practice there as well so Matt will be working at two locations during his work weeks.  One office mainly for cosmetic oral and maxillofacial surgery and the other mainly the DENTAL aspect of the field (implants and so on).
So things are in the works but it is all very promising and exciting!
We hope you are all happy and well!
Susanna and Family

 March 30, 2013  Jacob with his Easter treats.
 March 30, 2013  Robby on Easter morning.
 March 30, 2013 Maddie with her Easter basket.
 April 4, 2013  Jacob and Maddie at his kindergarten open house.
April 4, 2013  Jacob with his likeness drawing just above him on the wall in his classroom.
 March 2013  Robby making his "silly face" in our Belmont, MA nursery.

 March 2013  Matt accidentally hit Maddie with a weight while working out at the lake house..poor little thing!  She is fine now!

 March 2013  Jacob and Maddie at our ward Easter activity.
 March 30, 2013  The kids decorating eggs with Matt for Easter.
 April 7, 2013  Jacob and Robby during Conference.
April 10, 2013  Robby being a little cutie in the car while we waited for Jacob to be done with school.

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