Thursday, April 4, 2013

Excited! Starting DoTerra!

     EXCITED!!!! We just signed up with a company called DoTerra! (meaning "from the earth" in Portuguese) They provide so many amazing products for everyday health from your basic vitamins, to energy/metabolism boosters, essential scents and oils for your health and home favorite since it is a passion of mine...a SKIN CARE line. 
I am in the process of testing and loving their products and so if it's ok with ya'll :) will be posting my input on each of their products that I use and how I feel they are working since it is a goal to become as knowledgable on their products and skincare in particular and as I possibly can. 
I am already loving DoTerra's facial cleanser, skin firming serum and scrub better than the ones I WAS using...and that's saying a LOT because I'm very fussy about skin stuff :)
At any point let me know if you would like to try products or have an interest. I LOVE THIS STUFF :)!!!

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