Friday, March 15, 2013

February 2013

February was a very snowy month this year and we are all too anxious for the warmer days of spring!  The biggest blizzard since the 1970's hit the East Coast and Matt had the terrible task of shoveling all the snow from our driveway into a VERY large pile as is shown in the photo!
    Other highlights included the kids getting to make Valentines for their friends at school which the thoroughly enjoyed and a visit from Bob and Margaret Steuer to Boston which was wonderful!
    Also, we signed a contract on the home in Maine in January's blog post but it now looks like some new business opportunities are forming for Matt and his brother and the home will be too far south.  So we are looking again to find something closer to Portland and to where Matt's practice will be.  I will write more on this when these plans are finalized next month but there are some exciting things for him in the making!
    We hope you are all happy and well,
Susanna, Matt and Kids

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